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The thing I hate most about shaving is razor burn. My skin is sensitive and usually breaks out worse with after-shaves that I have tried. Since 2002, I have been using the Lavender Herbal Spray after I shave and rarely have any issues with my skin. My wife also uses it and often steals mine! Ted B. Roy, WA

My baby often has diaper rash and gets red bumps on his face.  I have been using the Lavender Spray on it and the bumps are gone. The redness in his skin is also going away and seems to have a mild calming effect on him. Thanks for making this! I even use it on my dog when he is upset during July 4th fireworks. Carrie R. Idaho

The Herbal Sprays are amazing!  I have been giving them to my clients to use on their pillows and when they need help to  calm and relax.  The sprays also help clear bad energy lightening up your mood.    Rev. Tina C.  Boston, MA



My piercings on my ears started to develop bumps and dry, flaky patches on my ears. I went to the doctor and used their cream for a couple of months but it didn’t work. I used Herbal Rescue balm 3-4 times a day and in two weeks they were gone. So glad I found it! Olivia A. Puyallup, WA

I get these bumps on my back and patches of dry skin. Someone gave me a jar of Lavender Balm and in a few days I noticed improvement. Within a couple of weeks it was entirely gone. Now I use it whenever my skin flairs up and on my hands. John M. Florence, MA

I caught Folliculitis on the back of my neck and shoulders from a haircut.  The prescription from the Doctor didn’t ground-cinnamonhelp me.  Kerri made me a fantastic herbal formula for this fungal condition and in 3 months it is gone.  Jeff T.  Flagstaff, AZ

I highly recommend the Herbal Blasts!  I add them into my smoothies every day. Kerri is an awesome herbalist has made me formulas for pain, anxiety and a “multi-vitamin” blend to help increase my protein levels that aren’t animal based (I am Vegan).  Carol G. Orting, WA

I met with Kerri a years ago in Tacoma at Ubi’s (Ubiquitous Journey). We talked about my tea-pot-steaminghealth issues and she made me some teas and herbal smoothie blends. I now feel so much better and have more energy. I even took some of her herbal classes through Free U (www.FreeUNW.com). Diego P. Tacoma, WA







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