Water Gardening Consultations and Pond Cleaning

Water Garden Consultations & Pond Cleaning

Inquire at thepondpad@gmail.com

We have been cleaning ponds for over 10 years and take the utmost care of your fish and plants while maintaining the integrity of your pond.

I have decided to retire from pond cleaning and let the younger generation take over. So glad I ran into Nature Perfect, a company I trust and will take as good of care of your pond as I would. Visit me Monday-Thursday at Nature Perfect Pond and Supply store in Tumwater Monday-Thursday 2905 Black Lake Blvd SW Tumwater 98512 360-412-0309

If you only need a Consultation, Nature Perfect can help there as well. Rates depend upon your location and project expectations. Just give us a call- 360-280-5116  or find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thepondpad

Water Gardening and Pond Classes coming soon through Herbal Elements Academy

Classes will be available at The Pond Pad.com on:

• Water Garden Plants
• Fish Care
• Pond Cleaning and Maintenance

See our blog and article section for additional
 email… Pond Pad   to sign up for a class
Class in the garden.

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