Making Your Own Encapsulated Herbal Formula

Making your own encapsulated formula is a easy way to take herbs on a daily basis for both healing and as “food”. Herbs are not only medicinal, they are also nutritive providing our bodies with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Generally, we take encapsulated herbs that are:

  1. either bitter tasting or mucilaginous
  2. need to be taken for a long period of time
  3. herbs that should be taken in small amounts.

Mild herbs that require large doses are not good choices for a formula, they may be better taken as a tea.

Choosing your formula should not intimidate you. Single herbs or combinations of up to 3-5 herbs work best. If there are too many herbs in your formula you will not get an effective medicinal dose. Choose one or 2 that are your “main” herbs and then another couple as “assisting” herbs. For example, a great formula for arthritis could be Tumeric and Ashwaganda as the main herbs for their anti-inflammatory actions, assisting with Gotu Kola for tissue regeneration and Triphala as a general tonic good for all body systems. For each ounce of powdered herbal formula, mix .3 oz Tumeric, .3 oz Ashwaganda, .2oz Gotu Kola and .2 oz Triphala as a recipe for your formula combination.

What you need to encapsulate your formula are:

  1. your herbal formula- dried, ground, good quality herbs
  2. gelatin capsules-either small “0” or larger “00”
  3. bowl and spoon to mix herbs
  4. capping machine (optional, saves time)

Mix your formula well with a spoon inside a clean glass bowl or deep dish. Separate gel capsules into two parts, fill both ends of the capsule with your powdered herbs. Pack them firmly until they are almost full. Carefully join the two ends closing the capsule. Encapsulate herbs by hand can be a bit time consuming. Using a capsule machine with speed up the process, is easy to use and will save you money in the long run.

Take your formula with meals and drink plenty of tea or water to wash them down and help dissolve the capsules. The typical dose is 2 capsules, three times daily. The actual dose may vary depending on the herbs used and the condition being treated.

If you need help, customized formulations can be blended based on your body type and medical issues. For additional information and to purchase herbs, capsules and capping machines please visit or email me at

If you are local, stop by Ubiquitous Journey in Puyallup, WA 253.445-6128

The following article is for educational purposes and not intended for diagnosis.  Always consult your health practitioner when needed.