Kerri Bailey is the owner of The Pond Pad.

She earned her BS degree in Biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1992 and attended a Certified Herbalist course at Highline Community College in 1998.

Kerri has been working with herbs and water plants since 1989 and in the water garden and horticulture industry since 1998. She also teaches gardening and herbal DIY classes at Pierce College & Highline College and writes eBooks. You can find her at Nature Perfect in Tumwater, WA Mon-Thurs.

Mission Statement: 
We are committed to providing excellant customer service; reliable information & advice;  and quality maintenance services. When at all possible we use natural products free from toxins or any other harmful substances. Our commitment extends to our passion to help people make educated decisions for their health, home, pond and garden and how those results can positively affect us and our environment.



pond.pad.logo.imageAbout The Pond Pad:
The Pond Pad retail store was established in 2006 by Kerri Bailey and Bret Ratfield and was located inside Alpine Nursery in Puyallup, WA. It remained open until 2015.

We then were fully committed to  Pond Cleaning, Consulting & Maintenance Services

but are now RETIRED from this.

For Pond Maintenance, Installation and Pond Store:

Contact Nature Perfect- 360-412-0309    Email: Nppsstore@gmail.com

thepondpad@gmail.com    Email 

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