How to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking may be one of the hardest things you may do in your life. I have smoked cigarettes off and on for over 20 years.  Vaping was an alternative, until I learned all the potential problems people have been having- popcorn lung, batteries exploding, etc. So quitting was my solution.

I decided to write this in hopes of helping those who really want to quit smoking nicotine products.  As an Herbalist, I feel it’s important that I practice what I preach and to use my herbal remedies to keep myself healthy. I smoked to relieve anxiety, plus I liked the habit of smoking.  So I developed a 2 Step – Stop Smoking Natural Remedy that includes an herbal tea and a tincture (extract). This program has helped me to quit, and I hope this also works for you!

Smoker’s Tea is a blend of herbs that helps curb cravings, as well as promote lung tissue healing. I made two versions of this tea- regular and menthol – to satisfy your taste buds. Drink several cups a day, especially during the first week, continuing for several weeks or until you feel that your lungs have detoxified enough. Herbs in this blend are Lobelia (acts as a nicotine replacement in your brain), Mullein & Honeysuckle (lung tissue healers), Linden (for taste, good for headaches), Skullcap & Oat Straw (nerve relaxers). This makes for a pleasant tasting tea, and for those that like menthol, I also have a version that includes mint.
smokers.edge.1The Smokers Edge Extract is a synergistic blend of herbs extracted into alcohol. This mixture contains Lobelia (for nicotine withdrawal), Skullcap & Oat Straw (to calm nerves), Mullein (for lung tissue) and Licorice (for liver detoxification). This extract can be used as needed, when cravings hit, squirt ¼ dropper full into your mouth for fast absorption or you can add into a liquid and drink it diluted (avoid touching your mouth with the dropper, as this may add bacteria into the product). The first three days will be the hardest so make sure you have this with you to relieve stressful times and when you feel that you really need a cigarette. As the days go by, you may not need this as often and you may only use the extract as you need it.


Tips to Help You Quit:

  • A week or so before you decide to quit, change some of your smoking habits- change brands, times that you like to smoke, etc. This helps to prepare your brain for change.
  • Make your decision to quit a conscious one. You need to be ready to harness your willpower, not deplete your self-control.
  • Use behavior modification tools- keep your hands and mouth busy. Chew gum, drink water through a straw, suck on hard candy or mints or try keeping a toothpick in your mouth. My favorite is flavored sunflower seeds (spicy ones are yummy!)- keep a wad in your mouth, eat the seeds, and play with the shells inside your mouth. This really helps me to keep my mouth busy and takes my mind off of wanting to smoke.
  • Fighting Anxiety- try Yoga, Meditation, Anti-Anxiety Herbs (Try my Relax Remedy) and one of my favorites is to color in my adult coloring books- there are many on the market and it’s “in” right now. Coloring my mandala images really helps me with my anxiety and keeps my mind off of smoking.
  • If you fail: try, try again! It may take several attempts to quit for good. Don’t beat yourself up if you cheat!
  • Place a photo or other memento on the frig, bathroom mirror or other place you frequent of a family member, spouse, child, etc. that you want to quit for. Your love for them may help give you the dedication you need to quit!

Good Luck to you! If you try my products and let me know how they work for you, I would appreciate the feedback. Kerri Bailey Find them locally at Ubi’s  or order them online at

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only. The statements made in this post have not been evaluated by the FDA. Consult with your medical professional or herbalist whenever necessary. Not all herbs are appropriate for everyone, especially if you are pregnant/breast feeding or have specific medical issues.

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