Water Gardening Consultations and Pond Cleaning

Water Garden Consultations & Pond Cleaning

Inquire at thepondpad@gmail.com

We have been cleaning ponds for over 10 years and take the utmost care of your fish and plants while maintaining the integrity of your pond. Rates depend upon the size of your pond, location, debris content and how many fish you may have. Treatments are added, but continued use of beneficial bacteria and “earth friendly algaecides” is recommended. Organic Treatment Programs are available.

If you only need a Consultation, then we can help there as well. Rates depend upon your location and project expectations. Just give us an email or find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thepondpad

Water Gardening and Pond Classes coming soon through Herbal Elements Academy

Classes will be available at The Pond Pad.com on:

• Water Garden Plants
• Fish Care
• Pond Cleaning and Maintenance

See our blog and article section for additional
 email… Pond Pad   to sign up for a class
Class in the garden.

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