Herbs for Weight Loss

One of our most popular requests is for information on herbs for weight loss.  With the pressure to be thin coming from many sources, we should always keep our focus on achieving and maintaining a weight that optimizes our proper health. There is no one herb, pill or exercise machine that will magically make us thin.  Maintaining a healthy weight for the long term is a commitment that  takes hard work and dedication until it becomes a lifestyle change that sticks.

There are basically 5 ways herbs help us lose weight.

1. Increase your Metabolism.  Stimulating herbs help to increase basal metabolic rate- the rate at which our body burns calories when at rest.  Use stimulants with caution, overuse can negatively affect some of our bodies internal cycles.  Stimulant herbs: Black Tea, Green Tea, Ephedra and Yerba Mate.  Energizing herbs: Guarana, Damiana, Rooibos Tea

2. Appetite Suppressant. Temperate spices thermogenically stimulant our bodies metabolism, promote digestion and assimilation so our bodies break down food more efficiently.  They also help with appetite suppression, especially hotter herbs like Cayenne, Chili Peppers and Curry Spice blends.  Other favorites are Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Long  and Black Peppers.  Adding  fiber to your diet can help the feeling of fullness and increase bulk for elimination- Psyllium, Hemp and Chia Seeds.

3. Digestive Stimulants. Bitter herbs enhance weight loss by stimulating and enhancing liver function aiding in fat burning, sugar metabolism and elimination of waste. Bitter Herbs: Agrimony, Tumeric, Oregon Grape Root and Gentian.

4. Detoxifying Herbs.  Detoxification should be a gradual approach. Herbs help us lose weight by cleaning out the excess junk.  There are so many “detox” herbs, but here are a few: Red Clover, Eleuthero, Cleavers, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root and Milk thistle.

5. Sugar Suppression. Stevia is the classic herbal sugar substitute that is safe for diabetics. Sugar suppressive herbs help take away the sugar cravings.  Try Gumar, Yerba Mate  if you need sugar suppression.

Whatever herbal choices you decide to use for weight loss, make sure you also apply a broader approach through changes in diet, exercise  and attitude.  Make lifestyle changes that work!

Try my loose leaf tea blends and powdered herbal blends ( add to smoothies)  called  Herbal Blasts©  for weight loss or I can custom blend one just for you.  blog.thepondpad.com

Always check with your doctor before choosing a weight lose strategy.  Make sure your weight gain is not a result of an endocrine disorder, thyroid problems or side effects from medications.

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