Herbal Classes


Herbal  Classes April & May 2016 through Free University…check it out at freeunw.com

Here are free classes offered by Kerri Bailey- those interested in the Herbal Program, please visit- Herbal Elements Academy for more information.

herbal-encapsulatedClass:      Herbal Nutrition I- “Nature’s Vitamins”

Dates:     April 26th & 30th

Time:      11:00am-12:00pm

Most people may think of herbs as medicine, but herbs are also food! They are “nature’s whole food vitamins” better than any synthetic, generic vitamin found on drugstore shelves. Learn which herbs contain high levels of vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients essential for proper nutrition and how you can incorporate these into your diet. 

Class:      Herbal Nutrition II – “How to Make an Herbal Supplement”

Dates:     May 3rd & 7th Time:      11:00-11:45am

This is the second half of Herbal Nutrition- it is recommended that you take both. Learn how to make your own herbal formula using ground herbs to target specific health issues and increase your daily nutritional intake. Herbs & Supplies can be purchased after class, but is optional.  Allow extra time after class if you make your own formula with help from instructor.

echinacea-purpleClass:      Organic Herbal Gardening

Dates:     April 12th & 16th Time: 11:00am-12:00pm

Location: Tacoma         

There are hundreds of herbs that can be successfully grown here in the PNW.  Growing your own herbs has its own reward. Not only can you have fresh herbs at your convenience, you benefit the environment by providing food and shelter for beneficial insects. Learn how to grow herbs & edible flowers, regardless of space, using organic methods. One session


Class:      Herbal Detox

Dates:     April 19th & 23rd

Time:  11:00-11:45am

We are all exposed to toxins on a daily basis from our environment, workplace, personal care products and the foods and drinks we add into our bodies. From time to time, depending upon your lifestyle and level of exposure, our bodies need detoxification. Learn how to safely detox, using herbs and other natural substances. Create your own detox program. Herbal Elements will provide free samples of detox products.  One session


chakra.man.triangleClass:      Chakra Connections

Dates:     Tuesday- April 5th & May 10th Saturday- April 9th & May 14th 2016

 Time: 11am-12pm (4-5-16, 5-10-16)  4pm-5pm (4-9-16, 5-14-16)

Location:   Tacoma       

Chakras are our bodies inner energy centers that help us function on all levels. When we work with our Chakras we help to heal emotional wounds and physical ailments that lead to inner peace. This class covers the basics of the 7 main Chakras and how to work with them using crystal chakra kits, essential oils and herbs. Chakra Kits, Essential Oil Blends and Chakra EBook will be available for sale after the class for those interested.  One session.


Free Classes are available through Free University in Tacoma, WA

Check it out @ www.freeunw.com 

to sign up for a class:
@ herbelements@gmail.com     ????

Herbal Certification Course

• Herbal Program Online-coming soon, we are working out the details.

Complete course work for Herbalists with written lessons
and hands on projects.

  Herbal Classes Details

• Ayurvedic Herbs-  Find out what’s your “Dosha” or body type, and how to use herbs according to their energetics. An introduction to  Ayurvedic Herbs and East Indian Medicine. 
• Chakra Connections-  
Chakra is Sanskrit for “spinning energy wheels”. Learn   the basics of the seven major chakras and how they relate   to our body, mind and spirit. Unblock the stagnant and
slow down the overactive. (Optional Class)
• Chinese Herbs– How to blend Chinese Herbal Formulas, and an introduction to Chinese Herbs and Traditional Chinese medicine philosophy. 
• Choosing Herbs that Work For You- 
Selecting herbs and preparing formulas made easy. Learn the basics on how to choose herbs and the best way to prepare them- Right Herb, Right Remedy!
• Edible Gardens-  In our climate, it is possible to have a year round garden with cool and warm season vegetables and other edible landscape plants. Learn how to grow your own food and herbs organically in large and small spaces.
• Herbal Kitchen and Tea Garden- 
There are so many culinary and medicinal herbs and plants that can be grown here in the PNW suitable for landscape, garden and containers. Learn how to care, use and design with edible plants & herbs.
• Native American Herbs- Learn about Local and Native American Herbs, Medicinal Practices and where to find them.
• Using Herbs at Home-  
How to cook, prepare and be creative with herbs. Ideas for gifts for friends & family.

Instructor: Kerri Bailey has been teaching classes at local Community Centers, Nurseries & Herb Stores in Seattle / Tacoma areas since 1999. She specializes in Herbal Medicine, Organic Gardening, Ponds and Water Gardens.

Her Classes, EBooks and Videos will be available online this Spring 2016. Check out www.HerbalElementsAcademy.com for more details

Free University  www.FreeUNW.com


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Herbal Consultations

Mini Herbal Consultation For those with One or Two Conditions $20

  •   Herbal Assessment– 15 minute In Person or Symptom Questionnaire
  •  Custom Blended Herbal Remedy Includes 2 oz of Tea (Organic, Loose tea) or 1 oz Herbal Powder Blast .  Refills $15

Online Instructions

  1. Purchase Mini Herbal Consultation in Shopping Cart
  2. An assessment will be emailed to you
  3. Fill out the information completely and email back
  4. Your answers and Remedy will be shipped to you

In Person Instructions

  1. Email to set an appointment
  2. In person appointments or phone appointments are local to Puget Sound WA area- The Pond Pad, Ubi’s Cafe or other prearranged location
  3. Fill out information sent to you.
  4. Your assessment will be discussed. Your remedy will be given to you or available for pick up.

Water Gardening Consultations and Pond Cleaning

Water Garden Consultations & Pond Cleaning

Inquire at thepondpad@gmail.com

We have been cleaning ponds for over 10 years and take the utmost care of your fish and plants while maintaining the integrity of your pond. Rates depend upon the size of your pond, location, debris content and how many fish you may have. Treatments are added, but continued use of beneficial bacteria and “earth friendly algaecides” is recommended. Organic Treatment Programs are available.

If you only need a Consultation, then we can help there as well. Rates depend upon your location and project expectations. Just give us an email or find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thepondpad

Water Gardening and Pond Classes coming soon through Herbal Elements Academy

Classes will be available at The Pond Pad.com on:

• Water Garden Plants
• Fish Care
• Pond Cleaning and Maintenance

See our blog and article section for additional
 email… Pond Pad   to sign up for a class
Class in the garden.

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Herbal Sprays

Herbal Energy Sprays

Fabulous fragrances for energy balance, skin refreshers and first aid. Works to calm the senses while relieving skin eruptions, rashes & blemishes.. We only use natural, plant based ingredients in our herbal sprays, always free of harsh chemicals, synthetic additives & preservatives. Available in several scents, with Custom Blends and Private Labeling as options.

Made with Herbal Elements Herbal Extracts, Herbal Elements Gem Elixir Water, Mtn Rose Essential Oils & Castille Soap (as a surfactant). To Order online– Products Page  http://blog.thepondpad.com/products/ or  find them locally in Tacoma, WA at Ubi’s Cafe -Ubiquitous Journey- www.ubjourney.com.

          All Natural –  Vegan –  GMO-Free   Our Products have been tested on humans.



Bug Away Spray– Use as an insect repellent, on clothes and skin. Apply as needed. Made with natural plant essential oils- Citronella, Lavender, Lemon, Cedarwood & Lemongrass; and Herbal Elements Catnip & Rose Geranium herbal extracts.



Floral Herbfloral.herbal.sprayal Spray– Fresh Flower scent, reminiscence of a field of blooming Roses. Made with Lavender, Hyssop & Lemongrass essential oils; Rose, Geranium & Lavender Extracts;       Rose Hydrosol and Gem Elixir.

Natural alternative perfume that’s beneficial too! Heal your skin while you scent.



Lavender Herbal Spray- Our most popular….Fresh lavender departs it’s healing scent lavender.herbal.sprayperfect for all ages and pets. Calms, centers and relieves, acts as a “rescue remedy”.  Use for rashes, burns and other skin eruptions. Wonderful fragrance to scent linens, pet beds and shoes. Made with Lavender Extract, Essential Oils & Gem Elixir.

Gentle, yet effective for all ages- young & old, two & four legged.



sacred.sage.spraySacred Sage Herbal Spray- Our second most popular….Earthy Sage is an evolved scent charge
d with balancing energy for protection and clearing. Also fantastic for relieving more stubborn skin issues, yeasty rashes and minor fungal infections.

Herbal Rescue Spray– For first aid care, fungal issues and acne. Use as needed while you have flair ups, or as a preventative. Made with Herbal Extracts; Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemongrass & Tea Tree Essential Oils; and Gem Elixir.


Forest.spice.sprayForest Spice-
Step into the PNW woods with Douglas Fir and Cedar Wood scented with spicy extracts of Allspice, Cinnamon & Clove. Great for Men as an after shave spray. Use as a room & fabric scent, perfect for the holiday season. Spray on pine cones to reuse year after year.

A Seasonal favorite for Men!



Vanilla Svanilla.spice.spraypice- Sweet Vanilla spiced with Cinnamon and earthly Peru Balsam. Made with Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon & Peru Balsam Essential Oils, and Gem Elixir. 

Ladies love this sweet and spicy scent!

We are continuously striving to create new scents available seasonally, mirroring what’s in bloom in the moment. Let us know what you think at herbelements@gmail.com

At Herbal Elements, we believe in living by the seasons!

Order products at: http://blog.thepondpad.com/products/