Liver Cleanse 3 of 6- Total Body Cleanse

Wu wei tze or Schizandra; Chinese Tonic used for many purposes.

The liver is the largest gland in the body and the major organ for the elimination of toxic waste. It has many other important functions such as metabolism of nutrients, hormones & waste; production of blood-clotting factors; storage of vitamins & minerals and the formation of urea.   The liver also produces bile that helps emulsify fats and is then stored in the gallbladder.  The gallbladder and liver are interconnected with the health of one affecting the health of the other.  Diets high in refined sugars, fats & cholesterol can promote gallstones and decreased liver function.

Boldo leaf is a South American herb useful as a kidney & liver tonic.

Cleansing the liver is very important to help maintain a healthy liver.  The level of exposure to toxins- from home, workplace and environment- would determine how often cleansing is required.  There are several methods to cleanse the liver like massage, flushes, enemas and herbal therapies.  Most herbs used in herbal liver therapies are cooling & bitter and taken in teas, tincture or encapsulated forms.  The following is a short list of herbs and their affects on the liver.

Burdock, Yellow Dock, Fennel, Goldenseal                  Cleanses & Restores Function

Licorice Root, Oregon Grape, Blessed Thistle               Cleanses & Heals

Black Walnut, Borage Leaf, Fo-Ti

Boldo, Milk Thistle, Rosemary                                      Protects liver against toxins

Siberian Ginseng, Ginseng                                      Detoxifies, protects from drug effects

Turmeric, Dandelion Root                                                         Cleanses, Increases Bile

Baical Scullcap, Bupleurum, Chinese Rhubarb Root                                Liver Tonic

Wood Betony, Boldo, Schizandra Berry

Schizandra Berry is a Chinese general tonic herb with many uses for men and women.  It is sometimes called “junior dong quai” for its hormone balancing and use as a women’s tonic. Schizandra is also used to improve digestion, reduce fatigue, relieves insomnia, increases sexual activity and is  superior for colds/flu. It’s an adaptogen herb which increases the resistance and adaptation to stresses and builds stamina, making it  great for liver support.  Combine Schizandra with Licorice or Fennel and Siberian Ginseng for a great liver cleansing decoction.

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Kidney Cleanse- 2 of 6- Total Body Cleanse

Kidney Cleanse – 2 of 6-Total Body Cleanse Part 2



Joe-Pye Weed great kidney herb

The Kidneys are our body’s principal excretory organ that filters out drugs, toxins & metabolic waste from the blood.  They are also important regulatory organs that help balance ph, calcium & vitamin D metabolism and electrolyte and fluid balance.  Kidneys produce hormones that stimulateRBCproduction, helps regulate blood pressure and receives 25% of our bodies total blood volume. The health of all internal organs are dependant on the proper functioning of the kidneys.

Keeping your kidneys healthy is a matter of hydration, nutrition and proper hygiene. Drink plenty of good quality water helps to detoxify the kidneys by diluting the urine and concentrations of minerals and salts causing less irritations. Foods rich in Vitamin A & C and Zinc such as Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts, Cherry, Cranberry, Garlic, Guava and Sesame seed & oil help support kidney function.  Avoid raw Spinach & Rhubarb if you are prone to kidney stones.  Kidney stones develop when calcium and other minerals crystallize in the ducts and can cause blockages.  Drinking fresh lemon in water can help as it contains Citric Acid that helps inhibit and prevent kidney stones.  Proper hygiene is also crucial to kidney and bladder health as most urinary infections are caused by bacteria from the colon.

Cleansing the kidneys helps to keep them healthy by removing metabolic waste & crystal deposits and to heal or replace damaged cells. When you do a “kidney cleanse” it is crucial to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.   Also, avoid high acid forming foods, excessive proteins, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.  Drinking kidney supportive herbal teas and taking bathes with essential oils are great detoxifiers and should be employed during a cleanse period (1-3 weeks).

Herbs for kidneys either support their proper function and/or are diuretics that help cleanse the bladder and kidney ducts.  Burdock Root, Ginger and Licorice help to detoxify the kidneys and Cayenne, Fennel & Yellow Dock promotes proper functioning, while Fo-Ti does both.  Diuretic herbs should also be added to your tea formula such as Boldo Leaf, Bearberry, Bilberry, Birch Leaves, Dandelion Leaves, Gravel Root (Joe-Pye), Horsetail, Hydrangea, Juniper Berries, Nettles, Kava Kava, Sarsaparilla, and Yarrow.

Bathes are also a great way to help detoxify and help to relieve kidney stress.  Add 8-10 drops of any 2 of the following essential oils: Cedarwood, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lemon, Juniper or Sandlewood.

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Herbal Elements Kidney Detox Decoction Tea : Burdock Root, Ginger, Licorice, Sarsaparilla, Juniper Berries

Herbal Elements Kidney Detox Infusion Tea: Bearberry Leaves, Birch Leaves, Nettles or Horsetail, Fo-Ti and Chamomile or Lemon Balm or Mint for taste

Detox for the New Year 2012 – Colon Cleanse-1 of 6

Spring Clean for 2012 Part One Colon Cleanse

Detoxification is a process our bodies go through to eliminate toxins. We build up these toxins from our environment, workplace, home and from what we consume- food, drugs, alcohol, etc.  Our bodies may need to be cleansed on a semi-regular basis with the main goal to minimize exposure from toxins through healthy diets, exercise, reducing stress, drinking plenty of water and balancing our mental, emotion & spiritual states.

Most of us Americans could use a total body cleanse that may help us with symptoms of sluggishness, irritability, sore joints & muscles, skin rashes, headaches, weight gain, constipation / diarrhea and many others.  Cleansing with herbal teas and capsulated formulas are a great addition to the detox process but it should be done slowly, and with one organ system at a time to experience the full benefits.  First, cleanse the colon and the intestinal system, followed by the kidney & urinary systems; liver & gallbladder; blood & lymph; lungs & respiratory system and lastly the skin.  Each detox program should last from 2-4 weeks depending upon your body’s individual needs.

It’s crucial to first focus on colon cleansing, rebuilding and toning to allow a clear passage of eliminated toxins and removal of stored fecal waste.  Aromatic and bitter herbs help to purge the colon (laxatives) then revitalize the intestinal system with toning and strengthening herbs for support (demulcents & bulk increasing).

Laxative herbs cause contraction of the bowels – Strong- Senna, Cascara, Rhubarb root, Buckthorn & Aloe juice – Mild-Triphala, Rose petals, Fennel & Licorice, to name a few. Use laxatives with caution as they may cause cramping and dependence if used too often.

Demulcent herbs like Marshmallow, Slippery Elm, Irish Moss & Aloe Vera juicehelp increase moisture and flow through the intestines and colon.  It is also important to increase the bulk of the stool and help “scrape” the intestines by adding additional fiber to the diet such as rice / wheat bran, flaxseed and psyllium seed.

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